The Quality Policy of BARA A. CIPRIAN – LAW FIRM applicable to the declared scope, namely

Legal services, legal consultancy, legal representation
Services for the registration with AEGRM – Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property  

BARA A. CIPRIAN – LAW FIRM implemented and developed a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008

By this written and signed declaration, the legal representative defines and records the Quality Policy and the strategy adopted in the field of quality management:

  • the assurance and warranting of supplying services in accordance with the requirements and quality levels specified in the corporate standard, the QMS documentation and clauses of contracts concluded with clients;
  • the development of confidence both at the level of employees and of clients that actions are undertaken and measures implemented to fulfill the declared objectives of the quality management;
  • the involvement of the corporate management in regard to the observance of the applicable legislation in close connection to the requirements of QMS and the support thereof with the necessary material and human resources;
  • the involvement in regard to the continuous improvement of QMS and its performances

The qualified lawyer undertakes to establish the proper provisions and ensure the conditions necessary to fulfill the functions of the Quality Management System and the development of the related activities and due to external considerations to:

-       transmit to clients the confidence in regard to the professionalism of the employees;
-       fulfill the necessity of clients to receive the warranty of the offered services at quality standards;
-       increase and improve the own image;
-       increase the opportunity of attracting new partners from varied fields of activity.

The entire staff of the firm involved in the performance of its specialized activities and the persons working under the supervision of the firm are under the obligation and liability to precisely observe and apply the provisions stipulated herein and in the other documents of the Quality Management System.


28.08.2012 Lawyer Ciprian Bara