What information searches may be performed with the electronic archive for security interests in movable property - AEGRM?

As the database of the Archive is installed on servers with Internet connection and the entire system enjoys an increased protection, the public may gain the information already in place, but without accessing the Archive to insert or amend data. Interested persons may access the database to read and copy free of charge information for 24 hours, at the addresses: www.co.romarhiva.ro or www.mj.romarhiva.ro. Authorized operators/agents may also supply against cost services of searching and copying information from the database of the Archive, such as:

1. the search of new registrations by:

- the identification data of the debtor 

- the identification elements of the asset under guarantee 

- the identification elements of the immovable asset to which is attached the asset under guarantee

- name/firm of the owner of that immovable asset

2. the search of data from the viewed registrations

3. the performance of copies of the viewed registrations

4. the setting up of other documents on electronic media.

Operators/agents shall draft a protocol signed by the representative of the operator/agent and the applicant, recording the results of the search, as well as the search criteria and terms proposed by the applicant and such used by the operator out of own initiative, if the case may be, according to which the search was performed. Operators shall certify on the request of the interested party the existence of the registration with the Archive, based on the ID of the guarantee advice. The search requests with the Archive may be remitted by observing the above and in the form of a deed on electronic media in/to which was incorporated, attached or associated an extended electronic signature based on a valid qualified certificate. After performing the search, the operator/agent shall notify the applicant about the results thereof, by a document on electronic media comprising all data notified before and that shall be signed with the extended signature of the authorized operator/agent. This search-notification request aggregate of the search results replaces the protocol.

The most precise and fastest search criteria are:

- tax code – for the legal entity;

- personal number – for the individual;

- chassis number – for vehicles;

- numbers of contracts, invoices, surveys, series, etc. – for other assets.

AEGRM.ro Team

Electronic Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property